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Building Strong Families Foundation Ltd. was established in 2013 and began operating Building Strong Families Generational Care in 2019.


BSFGC exists to meet the needs of Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander children and young people placed (or at risk of being placed) under child protection orders with the Department of Children Youth Justice & Multicultural Affairs (CYJMA) in Queensland.

the logo

The BSFGC Logo was created by the CEO, Nancy Bowie, and is inspired by her childhood experiences of living on the Herberton Settlement in Far North Queensland. 


It shows the artist's perception of how whites and blacks had different allowances. 

The central dividing feature is Wild River (blue). Above the blue is where the white people lived (i.e. the town), where they had lush green grass and beautiful red rooftops. Below the blue is the Aboriginal Settlement, where there was hardly any grass and the houses were defined by their ugly brown rooftops. People are represented with dots. There are no black people on the town side because they needed permission to cross the river. Yet, there were always white people on the Settlement side, usually the police (who visited homes every day) or government workers.


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