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Community Connections

Since 1984, our directors have established foundational relationships and working partnerships with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander families, community controlled organisations and services delivering health, education, housing options, langauge revival, youth services, after-school & boarder care, employment & business mentorship and family culture care transitioning in many communities across Queensland and beyond.

Australia Landscape, Best of All Lookout, Springbrook_edited
Windmill in the outback of Queensland_edited
Flat orange drought effected land in central Queensland south of Charters Towers
Dinghies on the beach at Darnley Island, Torres Strait, Australia in 2009 _edited

Building Strong Families Generational Care is owned by Building Strong Families Foundation which has 100% Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander ownership. The directors draw on their lived experience as people from Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander communities in urban, regional and remote environments. An advisory committee monitors and responds to governance & financial risks whilst the directors aim to ensure effective results in operations. Concepts and operations are elder-approved and engage culturally safe values and protocols.

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